How Employee Assessments keep your business lean

It is more important than ever to run a lean business. Costs need to be kept in check and the new normal is to be thrifty, productive, and efficient. Unfortunately, this philosophy has to extend to payroll and headcount, every position needs to be justified and add value.

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How to convert slow moving inventory in 2020

As uncertainty abounds and the market continues to tighten, it is critical for your business to be as lean as possible. Inventory management is often overlooked but important to consider when tightening the belt.

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Arab Retail 2020: The importance of Shelf Management

This post analyzes the importance of shelf management in retail stores. It provides practical tips and tricks on how to sell more by using tools such as shelf-dividers and placing items at eye-level. It also looks at examples of stores that sacrificed space for products and used the area to offer services.

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Arab Retail 2020: 7 Game Changing Benefits of a Point of Sale

This blog article looks at the retail landscape of Arabic speaking businesses in 2020 and why adding a POS to a store could be a game changer. The systems have become cost effective and easy to use and provide many advantages to owners including lower expenses, increased store profitability, and inventory management.

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