9 business movies to watch during quarantine

We look at 9 great business movies to watch during quarantine. From movies about the banking system to comedies about the work space, each one of these films is interesting, engaging, and entertaining.
Which ones have you seen?
Which ones are your favorite?
What films did we miss?

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Coronavirus: The Chameleon Tool Guide to Working from Home

In these times of social distancing, isolation, and quarantine, being productive and efficient often boils down to clear communication, a streamlined workflow, and shareable tools.

This guide is meant to advise your work routine and process as the human race unites to defeat the faceless nuisance, COVID-19.

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When and why should a Small Business hire HR?

This article summarizes when and why a small business should delegate HR responsibilities. It looks at the functions of HR and provides managers and owners with a cost/benefit analysis that can be applied practically and in the real world.

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