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Chameleon is a real-time, user-friendly integrated ERP Software that helps you manage, control, and grow your business. It is a unified, centralized system that serves all your departments allowing you to spend more time growing your business and less time handling its operations.

Why Chameleon?

Available in both English and Arabic, Chameleon is a holistic approach to enterprise resource planning that helps your employees work faster and smarter. It offers customizable solutions that reduce your upfront and technical costs while enabling comprehensive improvement and growth. Chameleon’s advanced reporting allows you to  analyze your data effectively so your organization will optimize its resources, boost its bottom line, and maximize its profits

Pay Per Usage

Customer Service reps that will understand your needs and recommend the most suitable solutions


Chameleon is a flexible software that can be tailored to any business’s operations


User authorizations to help you control your processes


Chameleon is business-level proficient in English and Arabic

Centralized System

Complete integration between all departments and functions

Technical Support

Readily available customer service representatives that will thoroughly answer your questions


Complete data encryption on secure cloud servers with backed-ups in multiple separate physical location

Access Anywhere

Cloud-based option which allows you to access your software from any device world-wide


Learn how Chameleon can help you manage your business


Do you sell products to businesses?

Equipment, Building Material, etc.

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Do you sell products to consumers?

Clothing, Cars, Electronics, Jewelry, Etc.

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Repair Shop

Do you repair products?

Repair of Vehicles, Equipment, Electronics, Appliances, etc.

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Custom Clearing

Do you provide custom clearance services?

Imports, Exports, Transit, Re-exports.

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Do you transport products?

Full Container Loads, Break Bulk, Loose Cargo, Courier, etc.

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Do you store products?

Containers, Break Bulk, Loose Cargo, etc.

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Do you provide rooms for guests?

Hotel, Motel, Furnished Apartments

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Do you serve food and beverage?

Restaurant, Cafe, Cocktail Bar, Shisha Lounge

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Do you provide Tasheel services?


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Back Office Solutions

Solutions that support any and every organisation

Don’t See Your Solution Above?

 Chameleon is not limited to the solutions listed; we custom-build solutions specifically for your business and industry. These will be designed just for your operations and will focus on your internal and external processes. Our customer service representatives have extensive commercial expertise and will first understand your needs and then recommend solutions accordingly.


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Chameleon consists of a unique mix of solutions for different business types with a proven track record of satisfied clients whose operations have been simplified and made for efficient. Let us help you control your business processes now!