Our Story:

Early into our careers, both Mohamed and I were astonished at the amount of resources SMEs expend on repetitive processes. Analyzing the situation, we boiled the issue down to one thing – most SMEs lack a rigorous, dependable system in place to handle recurring business processes. A strong operational foundation drives growth as it optimizes resources and saves time on repeated, time-consuming tasks.   

Chameleon is that foundation; It is a software that makes SMEs more efficient and better decision-makers. We are on a mission to make everyone’s work faster, easier and more precise. We also want to provide management with the information they need to make data-driven, quantitative decisions that drive the growth of their company.

It is our mission to continuously work with small and medium-sized businesses and develop software that is affordable, professional, and impactful. Without a sturdy software, communication within the organization weakens, information scatters, documents start going missing, quality of products and services deteriorate, and so on. With Chameleon, your organization will centralize, organize, and allow you to focus on productivity.  

We are a passionate team that loves helping businesses improve efficiency through technology. Having a software is not a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity.

We are on a mission to make everyone’s work faster, easier and more precise.

Mazen Al Shami
Co-Founder, Chameleon

Meet the Team

Presenting the creative and technical team behind Chameleon


Co-Founder & Sales Director

Detail-oriented, persistent, and always curious, Mazen is passionate about finding areas for improvement in every business and creating specific solutions for them. His background in finance combined with his business management experience allows him to intimately understand the client’s requirements and to create an action plan most suited those needs.


Co-Founder & Technical Director

Mohamed has yet to meet a challenge he didn’t enjoy! He never shies away from new software development and especially enjoys improvement challenges. With over 15 years of programming and project management experience, Mohamed works day and night to make Chameleon a flexible, effective tool that benefits and grows businesses.