Cost efficiency and quick delivery time are critical success factors in the transportation and supply chain industry. Chameleon’s transportation software solution helps you manage your logistics company more efficiently by equiping you with a wide variety of features and reports . Chameleon’s integration with the custom clearance software and yard storage software  allows you to better serve your customers using one platform.

Cost efficiency and delivery time are critical success factors in the transportation industry and the backbone to a digitally integrated supply chain. Chameleon’s specialized functions manage your workflow efficiently and keep track of jobs that require an in-house fleet or use the services of other associate companies. Chameleon links transportation services to freight forwarding and customs clearing services that better manages your requirements and your clients’ needs. 


Fast and Accurate
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Organize and manage client files and jobs

  • Store and scan detailed job information such as ref#, bill of lading #, clearing agent, container serial #, etc
  • Manage number of of waybills created and quantities transported
  • Auto integration of waybills with customs clearance procedures
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Real-time updates of drivers, trucks, and jobs

  • Record drivers’ information and control each driver’s trip allowance depending on route and load type
  • Track and manage all truck types and identify areas of improvement and excellence
  • Tag jobs throughout process to monitor status via live, color-coded view

Customize core and complementary services and prices

  • Enter new client contracts and service price lists to issue invoices against waybills and other services
  • Define prices and services per job
  • Bill your clients with transparency and reliability
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Stay informed via alerts

  • System-generated alerts mean you act ahead of time
  • Renew expiring documents such as driver’s licenses or port permits

Smart invoicing

  • Automatically detect uninvoiced waybills
  • Group waybills by route to give customers a readable summary or detailed reports with each invoice
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Access client portal

  • Authorize clients to see real-time status of transport jobs at any time
  • Focus on transporting clients’ goods as fast as possible with total transparency

Multiple warehouses and other locations

Build and use repository of client and company warehouses and other destinations to work more efficiently


Equipment Interchange Receipt (EIR)

Record and monitor all EIRs to collect payables on time from Shipping Lines and Agents


3PL ready

Analyze 3PL rates and know in advance service providers charges


Management Reports

Produce reports that assist in reviewing, following up, and analyzing the performance of each department and process


Centralized Command Center

Optimize communication via a centralized dashboard that outlines assigned jobs and processes

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Utilize built-in barcoding features to receive, process, update, and release a large number of waybills faster

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