9 business movies to watch during quarantine

We look at 9 great business movies to watch during quarantine. From movies about the banking system to comedies about the work space, each one of these films is interesting, engaging, and entertaining. Which ones have you seen? Which ones are your favorite? What films did we miss?

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  1. Wall Street (1987)

Famous for coining the phrase “Greed is Good”, Wall Street is the quintessential bankers movie and shows that a focus on short term gain can lead to long term loss.   

  1. The Big Short (2015)

Based on the book by Michael Lewis, The Big Short weaves an intricate story about the 2008 property-driven recession with an all-star cast that includes Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, and Steve Carell.   

  1. Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

“ABC, Always Be Closing!” Another movie about real estate, GGR is also blessed with outstanding actors who are dealing with the same problems albeit at a smaller scale.  

  1. Jerry Maguire (1996)

Hugely popular when it came out, Jerry Maguire is essentially about an entrepreneur and customer service specialist dealing with a difficult client and succeeding. 

  1. Enron: The smartest guys in the room (2005)

Fraud, arrogance, and ignorance are central themes to this excellent documentary that follows the story of Enron’s collapse. It is in many ways a microcosm of the larger picture.   

  1. Office Space (1999)

If there’s one thing you do while working at home, make sure it’s watching Office Space on company time! 

  1. Up in the Air (2009)

A very relevant movie given the economic struggles and increasing unemployment, Up in the Air has George Clooney playing an HR specialist whose primary function is to let people go from their jobs.  

  1. The Founder (2016)

An absorbing tale about McDonald’s’ beginnings, The Founder is particularly intriguing given that the brothers who founded the restaurant envisioned something vastly different and were outmaneuvered by Ray Kroc. 

  1. There will be blood (2007) 

An epic masterpiece that follows the story of a ruthless oil tycoon in up and coming America, There will be blood also serves as a cautionary tale to businesspeople and reminds them that there is more to life than just work.

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